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ESL Dolphin C16


Flash capability visible from up to 10 meters, configurable to customer or associate location

E-paper graphic display for best readability in all circumstances

Up to 7 year life time and replaceable battery cassette (no housing tampering)

Bi-directional communication, mandatory for geolocation solutions

Universal rail adaptation and patented design to attach shelf talkers


Versatile, Real-Time Price Management for an Improved Retail Experience

To better meet customers’ demands and capitalize on time-sensitive events, retailers must be able to update product prices quickly and efficiently. Samsung’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) empowers dynamic storewide pricing through an all-in-one, real-time alternative. In turn, retailers can eliminate the printing, cutting and placement steps from the traditional labeling process and save valuable material and labor resources. As the retail landscape evolves, Samsung’s ESL signage can help businesses adapt and achieve their performance and sales goals.

Simple and Versatile Operation

Compared with traditional printing, the ESL displays are a more cost-efficient alternative to managing the price adjustment process. Digital content delivery saves retailers time and labor previously spent printing, cutting and placing new labels across an entire store. Retailers additionally can verify that all prices are accurate, and make necessary changes before customers raise concerns.

Improved Long-Term Visibility

Through a compact, yet brilliant design, Samsung’s ESL signage brings product details to life. Compared with printed labels which can smudge or be hard to read, the ESL displays’ electronic ink features clear fonts and colors to welcome approaching customers. Additionally, the displays require minimal power to operate, with small, long-lasting batteries delivering optimal performance for up to five years.

Convenient, Integrated Content Management

For retailers operating ESL technology alongside standard displays, Samsung’s SMART Signage platform drives seamless, unified management. Users can create, deploy and schedule content across single shelves or shelf groups from any location via the centralized MagicInfo platform. This versatility results in a more convenient way to view and update pricing details across an entire signage network.

A More Informed Shopping Experience

Beyond simply providing product pricing, Samsung’s ESL signage features integrated* Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that offers customers a range of information to guide their purchasing decisions. By sharing convenient in-depth resources, retailers can inspire immediate on-site shopping and generate revenue otherwise lost should consumers need to leave a store to research further.
*Note: Near Field Communication is only available within the three-color (white-black-and-red) ESL display models.

Align Digital Price Tags with your Retail Brand

Samsung’s ESL signage features a sleek, sophisticated design that adds ambience and modernity to any shelf or aisle. Retailers can select from a variety of small- and medium-sized options to match their store layout and product lineup. The displays also are available in white-and-black and white-black-and-red color designs to help retailers catch customers’ eyes while remaining true to their brand identity.

Basic Dispaly Additional
Model Number Dolphin 16 Outer Dimension 36.25*42.55*11.95 Communical Protocol IEEE802.15.4,2.4GHz
Item Number 11111 Display Area 27.60*27.06 Compliance ROHS, FCC/IC, WEEE
Viewing Angel 180 degree Display Resolution 140 dpi Operating Temp 15degree to 35 degree
Battery 1 unit Replaceable CR2032 Display Technology Full graphic E-ink Display Water Resistance No
Battery Lifetime 7 Year at room temp Display Color B/W, B/W/R, B/W/Y NFC N/A
Security Encode Proprietary protocol with
restricted transmission (3 lavel)
Multi Page Up to 7 pages Freezer No