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ESL Dolphin C16

Dolphin 16 ESL is a E-Paper based, HD fully graphical display label.

With a low power consumption, it comes up to 7 years battery life.

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Real-Time Price Management to Improve Retail Experience

In order to update product prices more quickly and efficiently, Cubelabel’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) industry-leading technology platform is here to help you getting things done. Without paper label printing and plug into the shelves in old days, now what you need is just sitting in your office by one simple click, price label will update automatically and show to customer real-time.

Software system will do the boring labels changing job, you can save not only your time, but also your labor cost.

You can make a schedule to update thousands of products’ price at any time, or make a promotion with a simple operation on your server, as simple as you make a refrigerator sticker. Or you can use it to update the price within all your branches, no matter 50 or 100 branches, all of them will be updated at the same time.

Of course, you can make it with traditional paper labels with a bunch of people’s days hard working, but what if the customers running to a more attractive store?

Improve Visual Impression

Cubelabel’s Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) use E-paper to bring customers clear fonts and information.

Easy to use Price Management System

You can use the user-friendly PMS, deploy and manage all the labels or just a few of them, or some type of them. It’s a very convenient way to view and update pricing details across Cubelabel’s Price Management System.

Additional functions

Some models come along with NFC, Bluetooth, Geolocation … etc.

Basic Dispaly Additional
Model Number Dolphin B16 Outer Dimension(mm) 36.25*42.55*11.95 Communical Protocol IEEE802.15.4,2.4GHz
Item Number 11111 Display Area(mm) 27.60*27.06 Compliance CE, ROHS, FCC
Viewing Angel 180 degree Outer Dimension(mm) 36.25*42.55*11.95 Communical Protocol IEEE802.15.4,2.4GHz
Battery 1 unit Replaceable CR2032 Display Technology Full graphic E-ink Display Water Resistance No
Battery Lifetime 7 Year at room temp. Display Color B/W, B/W/R, B/W/Y NFC NO
Security Encode Proprietary protocol with
restricted transmission (3 lavel)
Multi Page Up to 7 pages Freezer NO