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Typically an Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) system is used by retailers for displaying product pricing on shelves. But now, you can use them for many industrials, for warehouse or manufacture.

Most of the time, electronic display modules are attached to the front edge of retail shelving. These modules use electronic paper (E-paper) or liquid-crystal display (LCD) to show the current product price to the customer.

E-paper is currently trending in the ESL market as it provides crisp display and supports full graphic imaging, although these devices are considerably more expensive than the LCD-based ESL devices. A communication network such as Zigbee or other 2.4 GHz network allows the price display to be automatically updated whenever a product price is changed. This communication network is the true differentiation and what really makes ESL a viable solution. The wireless communication must support reasonable range, speed, battery life, and reliability. The means of wireless communication can be based on radio, infrared or even visible light communication.

Currently, the ESL market leans heavily towards radio frequency based ESL solutions.

Automated ESL systems reduces pricing management labor costs, improves pricing accuracy and allows dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing is the concept in which retailers can fluctuate pricing to match demand, online competition, inventory levels, shelf-life of items, and to create promotions.

Labor cost saving. Automated price and information update instead of manual tags replace.

Manage multiple stores shelf pricing from headquarter.

Some ESL models with Bluetooth and NFC built-in to provide an enhanced shopping experience.

Cubelabel offer a wide range of quality products and services that meet the needs of global customers operating in diverse and demanding markets.

From 1.5inch to 7.5inch electronic shelf labels, Black/White, Red/Black/White and Yellow/Black/White ESLs, and all kinds of promotion accessories, to addressing a variety of markets.

All the E-paper based ESL supports multi-pages screen to display more information.

You can manage, monitor, and scheduling information update by a simple click.

Those digital graphic tags can display full graphic images, such as product image, customer logo, QR code … etc. All fonts and multi-language are supported.

Estimated time of ROI : 12 to 36 months.

Labor costs of paper labels replacement.

Material costs including paper or ink.

ESL is particularly interesting for the new grocery stores because investments for traditional shelf labelling (rails, paper labels, installation time and expense, etc) are not incurred.

Generally, installing 30,000 digital labels with 5 people will take about 3 to 4 days.

Cubelabel offers programs to provide assistance with installation, maintenance, and software using training.

You can call us or contact with Cubelabel’s local system integrator partner to get on-site support.

Yes, all Cubelabel’s electronic shelf labels are designed to work with Third-Party rails and accessories.

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